Rocky Horror Music Show

Ages 16+

Rocky Horror has been a sensation for nearly 50 years. First as a Stage Show, then as a Movie and now as a 12-Person Live Music Rock and Roll review. Rocky Horror Music Show presents the songs of Rocky Horror in a rock club setting. Think of it as a Rocky Horror Tribute Experience.

The costumed characters will be playing the songs live with snippets of the movie dialogue you want to hear and on-stage narration telling the story between songs.

This will make it easy to follow for newbies to the show. Don’t worry though, veterans will be impressed by the depth the band goes on the song list. In addition to the hits like “Dammit Janet” and “Time Warp”, Rocky Horror Music Show will hit ALL the songs including deep cuts and even deleted scenes.

The band is the cast! You can See Riff Raff rip a Guitar Solo, Eddie is actually playing the sax and Janet Weiss plays violin as Brad defends her honor from behind the drums. As this is a cult classic known for audience participation, there will be plenty of room for the crowd to sing along to these classic songs! This is being presented by an All-Star lineup of Asheville musicians featuring members of Dr. Bacon, Natural Born Leaders, Modern Strangers, The Beekeepers, Andrew Thelston Band, Carpal Tullar, The Deathbots, Fancy & The Gentleman, Sun Goblin, Pronounced Heroes and more!!





Double Love & The Trouble is an 8-Person Two-Headed Rocking Soul Machine bringing a driving sexy sound to your ears. We bring non-stop party energy and horn-fueled good times. We focus on 60’s and 70’s Rockin’ Soul covers, but add the right amount of edge to not be an “Oldies” Band. This includes songs from The Ronettes, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett and The Beatles. All done with style and flare.

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