Restorative Yoga with Didgeridoo

Restorative yoga, introduced to many by B.K.S. Iyengar, is an active relaxation practice that trains the nervous system to let go of dynamics that may be getting in your way of your ability to relax. With the use of blankets, pillows and bolsters, you’ll be guided into simple, restful and supportive postures to help reduce muscle tension, relieve stress, help with lymph flow, and induce a relaxed state of being.  Restorative yoga is a wonderful practice when you are recovering from illness or injury, to help relieve emotional or physical stress, if you are having trouble sleeping, or to just renew and restore your body at the end of a long day. 

The laying down poses are maintained for an effortless 15-20 minutes each while Corey weaves a soundscape using rhythms from the didgeridoo and other sounds including bells, bowls, chimes, and spoken word meditations. Your body, mind and nervous system will be gently guided into ever deepening states of relaxation and presence and you are likely to feel refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated, while developing the mental and physical tools and skills to let go of whatever may be getting in your way of letting go. 

Restorative Yoga is held most Mondays at 4:30 at Still Point Wellness.

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