"Reach for the Sky" One-Day Mini-Workshop: The Artistic iPhone

As small as the iPhone is, it is one of the best creative tools around for everyone! I keep my iPhone in a pocket and can pull it out at any time inspiration strikes. It's great (really great) for street photography and even landscape and macro. And a myriad of great apps provide tools for improving on traditional photographs, but especially for creating artistic images! 

Starting off, in the "The Artistic iPhone" workshop, we will have a brief overview of the iPhone's settings, especially for more traditional photography. Then we'll dive into a selection of apps that can be used to create beautiful painterly and abstract images, including in-camera compositing and Intentional Camera Movement. Using PowerPoint and hands-on programs, we'll walk through the use of the apps. 

We'll go out into the field to capture images using what you've learned, then will process the images in several powerful apps right on your iPhone or tablet, with the option to use your computer.  Note: The tuition does NOT include the minimal cost of these apps. Most are free.

See the website for more information!

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