"Reach for the Sky" One-Day Mini-Workshop: iPhone Photography Magic!

Since my iPhone is a constant companion, it’s always there when I need a camera and don’t have a DSLR along. Or I may feel too lazy to get the DSLR out and set it up! Sometimes, I just enjoy the simplicity of the iPhone. No apologies! (I’m sure you’ve experienced that, too.) 

The iPhone’s native camera is excellent for capturing scenes in our beautiful mountains and other locations! Landscapes aren’t the only subject that the iPhone captures beautifully. It’s also great for portraits, architecture, street photography, products, crafts, and more! 

The iPhone’s range of features is impressive. Many are hidden. These, as well as composition tips, will be taught in “iPhone Photography Magic.” This Day One mini-workshop will feature classroom, fieldwork, processing, and a feedback session. Day Two teaches creative techniques for crafting artistic images.

See the website for more information!

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