RaeLynn at Salvage Station

18+ Only | $10 ADV / $12 DOS

Here’s why God made RaeLynn.

Because country music needed her. Because America needed to fall in love.

Now, following up on the success of her 2014 gold-certified debut single “God Made Girls,” with the release of her Warner Bros. Records/Warner Music Nashville debut album, there’s one more reason: Because the time has come for her to blossom as an undeniable force of nature with roots deeply planted in tradition and a finger on the pulse of life.

On WildHorse, we hear that same warmth and accessibility and sense the same buoyant personality that ushered her into the spotlight on NBC’s “The Voice.” But she was only 17 years old then, her appeal defined in part by her innocence and openness to all that lie ahead. She’s still young but at 22 she can apply a deeper dimension to those qualities. That same Texas twang colors her voice; add to it a new sophistication, a broader palette, with a maturity in her ability to deliver a performance, and you’ve got something special.

You’ve got WildHorse, the next step on RaeLynn’s path toward true stardom.