Anything Goes is not just your average quartet of musicians. Not content with playing a mix of pop, jazz and swing by some of the greatest songwriters, Anything Goes also specializes in fresh interpretations, song deconstructions and mashups. What does all that gobble-de-gook mean? You’ll hear songs played in different keys at the same time (tongue in cheek chaos!), songs played in pieces (with obvious parts missing). Funk versions of folk songs. Lounge-lizard versions of rock standards. And you’ll hear something like Why Pout, a song resulting from the merging of Wipe Out with Tubular Bells and the theme from 2001 Space Odyssey. But we can’t just let you enjoy all of this on your own, we feel compelled to make you laugh with dry humor and insane commentary, packaged in tuxedo-style formal attire. Think Victor Borge for today’s world.

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