PARI Planetarium Shows @ Beer City Comic Con

These events take place in the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute's Planetarium within Beer City Comic Con. A ticket to Beer City Comic Con is required to access the PARI Planetarium and these events.

Explore the Vastness of Space!

Learn your True Zodiac!

Spectroscopy: Secrets of Unseen Light!

Three different show on Saturday, September 30th: 12pm, 1pm and 2pm. 

Astronomers and Astrophysicists strive to expand our understanding of our universe. From the smallest interactions between sub-atomic particles to the unfathomable forces at play in strange places beyond what our eyes can see, the universe is a laboratory where everything you could imagine is happening somewhere, waiting to be known. We’ll show you how these fascinating places are found, whether near us, or far beyond our solar system. You’ll leave with the ability to find a few on your own the next time you’re outside on a dark night with the open sky above.

The PARI Planetarium is located on the main expo floor of Beer City Comic Con.

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