No Man's Land/Tierra de Nadie by Ernest Javi


No Man's Land/ Tierra de Nadie

by Ernesto Javier Fernández

We are thrilled to present this multimedia exhibit by Cuban born artist and photographer Ernesto Javier Fernández. While this show includes the photographic image, it cannot be classified as a photography exhibit- it is so much more, and is most definitely a show to visit in person; we are delighted to share it with viewers and collectors in our Asheville gallery.

Please join us at the gallery for a reception with the artist on Thursday May 12th, at 5 pm

Exploring the territory halfway between private and public space - a ‘no man’s land - Fernández creates installations that merge evocative imagery from Cuba’s history with relevant objects and media, inviting the viewer into a puzzle - and to seek out the  greater context of the story. 

Although he began his career in photojournalism - following in the path of his father who was a notable photographer for the intellectually and artistically driven periodical 'Cuba' - Ernesto recognized his true passion was to pursue the art of creative photography that transcended the exalted image in the traditional frame. This quest brought him to Germany in the early 1990's, where he studied, worked and created the kind of art that would not have allowed him to make a living in Cuba.

Later while visiting Cuba in the mid 90's, Ernesto found himself documenting much of the social upheaval occurring in his homeland, most notably the plight of the 'bolseros', or rafters, who were attempting to flee the island by any perilous means necessary. Ernesto sought not only to photographically record their plight, but to frame their story in the greater, complicated context of the island and regime itself.  

To this end, Ernesto’s imagery finds its way into object driven constructions, installations and sculptural works that prompt a broader visual discourse than the images in and of themselves might. As Ernesto has stated, as viewers "There is no need to understand something in the same way". This visually interactive show invites the viewer into a new kind of dialogue that questions what lies beyond the aesthetics of an image.



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