No Flowers/Unraveling Ghosts & Narcissus and Echo/Dolly

No Flowers/Unraveling Ghosts is a new solo by Jenni Cockrell of strange daughters butoh. What “haunts” us? How do we dissipate, embody or scatter our assorted ghosts? This butoh dance piece will be shaped by input from the audience members who will be asked to bring an item symbolizing their personal “ghosts” to place in the space at the beginning of the performance (They will be able to take this item back with them at the end). Disappearing Man performs in black skinsuits. Their faces are covered with black hoods. They assume identity by using photographic cutouts of the actors’ faces and also with mirrors...and smoke. They tell stories using their bodies, light, shadows and song (and a vacuum cleaner). In this performance, they will interpret the myth of ‘Narcissus and Echo’ and transition into an original piece called ‘Dolly’, which brings you the slaughtered lamb of god through the ashes of a murdered talking doll.

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