Nate Puppets + Flying Catastrophe Circus

Nate Puppets and The Ventriloquist Dummy of The Future — Hello my name is Nate Puppets. Join me! As I show you creatures never seen by a large crowd, things you’re not supposed to see, or know about, even something I, myself have risked my, and lives of countless human beings, animals, and plants just to bring to you, for your laughter and entertainment. What is it I bring you? What are these weird creatures I speak of, am I just a no good grifter come to spread lies? I guess you’ll have to come find out. Flying Catastrophe Circus — Contortion! Acrobatics! Juggling! Fantastic feats of physical fabulousness! Amazing acts of balance and imagination! This rag tag crew of circus artists bring you a show overflowing with laughter, action, and thrill. This non-stop, talent-packed, 35-minutes of fun brings you a glimpse into the exciting world of circus and asks you to spend an afternoon of child-like wonder with us as we create, imagine, and explore. Quirky and tantalizing, Flying Catastrophe Circus brings you comedic circus storytelling at its finest.

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