Loafers' Glory Reunion Show w/ Quarter to Nine, Arnold Hill

Loafers' Glory



Loafers Glory was one of the hardest-working rock bands in Western North Carolina from 2001 to 2004. Throughout more than 70 performances, three demo CD's, and performances in four states, the band consistently delivered solid performances. Andy Voelker (Rhythm Guitar, Vox), Chase Slagle (Lead Guitar, Vox), Keith McQuarrie (Bass Guitar, Vox), Matt Crawford (Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vox), and Richi Ritter (Drums, Vox) comprise this group that drew its influence from groups like Archers of Loaf, the Appleseed Cast, Jimmy Eat World, and Sunny Day Real Estate in a swirl of album-oriented rock, shoegaze, and a dash of pop-punk. In time life happened and the group of friends had to carve their own trail in life, near or far, and by 2004 Loafers Glory was no more. The group stayed close friends and continued to write music that would only be heard by the anonymous listeners of the internet, dotted by intimate live performances as life would allow through the years. An idea to throw a large reunion show with our old touring friends Quarter to Nine was mentioned and embraced by both groups.

Now it's time for the band to reunite for a glorious night to relive the rock of the early 2000's. Come out to see them perform old and new songs!

Quarter To Nine


Since April 2004, Quarter to Nine has been spreading their infectious brand of rock across the southeast. Based in Nashville, TN, Justin Davis [Vocals/Guitar], Woody Herbert [Drums], and Casey Wilkie [Bass] began collaborating in late Summer 2003, laying the groundwork for what was to become a diversely influenced, yet truly unique phenomenon. The addition of guitarist Adam Fletcher solidified the foundation. The potential of the project was soon recognized by producer Jay Lillagore, who began working with the band, allowing the full vision of Quarter to Nine to take effect. They hit the ground running, recording their debut album "Give and Take," and continuing to innovate their live show. With the album complete, and maturity gained that only time brings, Quarter to Nine was poised to shake up the music industry, as well as continue to electrify new audiences.

Arnold Hill



Arnold Hill brings a unique musical experience to every show they play. With a variety of musical backgrounds, the band will definitely cross genre lines like never before, bringing high energy and excitement to every venue they perform. Their unique Americana sound and lyric-driven songs are sure to be your new favorites. A guaranteed good time.