Kim Richey

Kim Richey has worn her heart on her lyrical sleeve, revealing herself time and again. “I started writing songs because of Joni Mitchell, probably like most women songwriters of a certain age,” Richey confesses. “I loved being able to write songs because I was really super-shy. I couldn't say things to people that I wanted to say. If I put it in a song, there was the deniability. If I ever got called on it, I could say, 'Oh, heavens no, that's just a song! I made that up.'”

Seated Main Stage Show:: Limited Tables Available with a Dinner Reservation on the Main Floor. General Admission available for the balcony  You must call the Venue for Dinner Reservations and Tickets for the main floor at 828-575-2737.  General admission tickets are available on line.

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