🎙️ Gather wisdom from Dr. Life, a renowned motivational speaker, as they guide us toward an empowered future.🎵 Let local artists' Whitney Mongé and Grupo Escolta Activado's melodies wrap you in joy and unity.🌍 Enjoy multicultural flavors from diverse food trucks in your own backyard!🌟Get ready to see new and exciting things as we show you cool programs, groups of people who share interests, and other dope projects that are changing the game.📢 Hear the voices of our student and community leaders, dreamers who will share their "what ifs" and inspire us all.🗣 Engage in dynamic conversations that explore the pressing topics that shape our educational journey, impacting us all.🎛️ Dance to the rhythm with DJ Twan, and other local music that'll have you moving and grooving. Save the date and take a journey with us at InnovationFest!

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