Homescapes & the Story of the Backyard

American Folk Art & Framing

Homescapes & the Story of the Backyard
October 4 – 21, 2022

Show goes Live on our website:    
Tuesday October 4th at 11 AM

Opens in the Gallery:                 
Thursday October 6th at 11 AM
Opening Reception in the Gallery:                
Friday October 7th 5-7 PM

As the season turns towards autumn and the leaves start to change, we all begin the process of settling in for the cooler months and embracing the comforts of home. These early months of fall hold the last sessions of porch-sitting until the spring comes and the work included in this show echoes the powerful emotions connected with home and the beautiful solace provided by the yard.

For Ellen Langford, the concept of home drives the narrative of her work, which focuses on the relationships between the land and its inhabitants. Ellen captures the small yet mighty moments of connection that happen every day: a bounding dog and its human companion, a child playing in the rain, a figure looking out over a rich landscape. Tucked somewhere within each painting, you can usually find that which binds all these moments together, the homestead.

“Homescapes & the Story of the Backyard” celebrates the quiet moments of reflection spent surveying the land surrounding one’s home and watching the wildlife as they go about their own process of finding shelter and comfort for the coming winter. Beautiful wood-fired pottery from Shawn Ireland will elevate warm gatherings of friends & family and everyday domestic rituals alike as the world begins to slow down and embrace the offered by the home.

Woodworker Jack Klippel has been among American Folk’s artists for the last several years. What began as a retirement hobby for Jack soon turned into much more and released a creativity within him that he never knew he had. No stranger to reinventing himself, Jack was more than willing to try his hand at a brand new collection of work for this special show: the songbirds and river fish of our great landscape.

“The results really speak for themselves. They are fabulous… Full of personality & whimsy, but still with an aged quality to them that is incredible.” says American Folk’s new owner Julia L. Mills. “And Jack’s enthusiasm for trying something new was absolutely charming, just like the carvings he’s created for this show.”

The artists featured in “Homescapes & the Story of the Backyard” have created artwork with the comforts of home at the forefront of their minds. New work from Ellen Langford, Jack Klippel, Shawn Ireland, Liz Sullivan, and Kent Ambler will be included.

An opening reception will be held on Friday October 7th from 5-7PM

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