GLOVE//Kitty Tsunami/ TV SET

Glove — made up of drummer Brie Denicourt, guitarist Rod Woolf, keyboardist Michelle “Dayslug” Primiani and bassist Brianna Bullock — recently opened for Atlanta punk group The Coathangers, and its set nearly stole the show thanks to synth lines taken out of The B-52s' playbook and the kind of krauty low end that bands like Devo and Can built their own sound upon. Woolf — an alum of another beloved psychedelic-rock band, Veiny Hands — was like a mad scientist punching on his pedals and delivering searing leads all night while Primiani and Denicourt (also a Veiny Hands alum) added snare cracks and disorienting keyboard to the mix. Bullock, for her part, kept it cool and gave Glove a steady, sweaty groove to ride into the night.