Full Moon Flow & Poetry as Prayer inside the Salt Cave

Let's come together with intention under the full harvest moon to honor all that we're harvesting this fall, slowing-in to the senses, nourishing our bodies with gentle sensuous movement and poetry as prayer. Poet, Doula, and Women's Counselor Tiffany Narron will guide us along in a heart-warming circle to sink into our parasympathetic nervous systems with breath and somatic movement and explore reading and writing poetry as prayer. Together we will move to the rhythm of our breath and explore the language of our bodies in a warm, nourishing flow, reading excerpts of poetry centered on enchantment and the senses to then share and write in response as you feel called, leaving with an intentional poetic prayer of your own for this season. No writing experience is necessary, just an open heart, body, mind. Come as you are, share as you're comfortable. Nourish your body and harvest your poetic prayer for the season.

Reserve your space below. Space is limited.
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