Full Moon Circle with Sierra (In-person and Virtual option)

Join Sierra [IN PERSON] or [VIRTUAL] for moon yoga class.

Just as the moon powerfully controls the tides, the moon’s waxing and waning offers the key to rhythm and power in our own lives. When we surrender to the moon and align our movement and consciousness, we are reunited with the innate wisdom in our bones, in our soul.
I think of this wisdom as a permaculture of sorts, Ayurveda references it as cellular memory. Although our cells are in perpetual renewal, there is the genetic thread of DNA that holds our lineage, our ancestors. They live on in us, as do the stories of when we lived much more in tune with the cycles of nature, of season, of moon and sun. To find our way back to the source, within ourselves, is to awaken from the dream that kept us separate.
In recognition of the power of these cycles and the way back in that the moon offers us, again and again, over and over~ Sierra will offer the opportunity to gather, each Dark Moon and each Full Moon. Each gathering will offer the ritual of creating an altar, yoga, breathwork, meditation and gong. These gatherings are open to anyone, regardless of gender identification, who seeks to find their way back.
All moon classes are sliding scale, $25-$35.
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