Flower Mandala w/ Eco-Expressive Arts with Artist Ella Dufrene

Flower Mandala w/ Eco-Expressive Arts. This session is for the creative soul, and one that makes space for the wisdom of Mother Earth and seeks guidance and true understanding of their own nature through her.

In this 3 hour session, Ella will guide you on an eco-expressive arts journey through the elements to activate your inner creative wisdom and connection to Mother Earth.

Our journey will include the following channels:

  • Authentic Dance/Movement
  • Breath & Meditation
  • Flower mandala creation
  • Connecting with your community

No prior art-making or dance experience required. All materials included.

What to Bring:

  • An open mind
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Water
  • Journal

About Ella Dufrene: Ella Raphëlle Dufrene is a French-Haitian-American visual artist, dancer and art therapist. Ella believes that art is our most primitive style of communication and expression, dating back to our earliest forms of art making in prehistoric cave paintings. Driven by the instinctual knowledge of the innate and powerful healing powers of art, Ella received her Masters in Art Therapy & Creativity Development from the Pratt Institute in 2015.

Deeply connected to the restorative flow and wisdom fostered by Mother Earth, Ella began exploring eco-art therapy techniques, and moving toward an ecological artistic context that emphasizes ritual, ceremony and connection to our Mother Earth. This led her to facilitate her first Eco-Art Therapy Retreat in 2016 in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. She has since then led 7 international retreats.

All of those that know and work with Ella can feel her passion for the healing properties of nature, art, travel and movement. She approaches her day to day and work-life with a zest for life, a youthful spirit and a contagiously open mind. She emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness and utilizes a playful ‘person first’ approach to therapy.

Learn more about Ella at www.elladufrene.com

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