Extended Intro to Backpacking Trip: July 7-9, 2023

This extended Intro trip is a great way to learn how to backpack on your own! You'll hike 18 miles over 3 days, with only 2,500ft of elevation change, and along the way you'll learn how to read a trail map, how to carry a pack, how to hike with trekking poles, how to set up a tent, how to cook and properly sore your food, and more - with a focus on lightweight techniques. All while being surrounded by some of the best views in the Southern Appalachian mountains! This trip is a great option for hikers who are looking for something that falls in between our 2-day Intro trip and our popular 3-day Appalachian Trail trip in length and difficulty. You'll leave empowered to hit the trail again soon!

This trip meets at 9am on Friday July 7 in Asheville, NC. Your trip is a loop near Sam's Knob, covering 18 miles in 3 days with only 2,500ft elevation gain and loss throughout the trip.  Each day of hiking is 5-8 miles. The first day, you'll hike along Flat Laurel Creek to your campsite. Once camp is set up, hike to Sam's Knob and return to camp. The second day, hike a loop up Tennent Mountain and Black Balsam Knob, then return to camp. Because you'll be at the same campsite two nights in a row, hikers have the option of taking their pack with just the essentials for the day (layers, food, water, etc) or practicing carrying their full pack. The last day of the trip, leave the campsite and hike to Devils Courthouse, then follow the MST to the trailhead where you'll finish your hike. Hike generally finishes mid-afternoon the last day.

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