Enamel Jewelry Workshop for Beginners


So what is it exactly: 

Come join me for any or all of these basic skills enamel workshop series this winter.  Each class will go over some foundation techniques in enamel work.  You can just take ANY individual class or sign up for all three.  By taking multiple classes, it will allow you to create more and learn and try new techniques each time.  Or just sign up for any one of them to get a taste of what enamel is all about.  

So what is enamel? :

Enamel is glass.  It is available in a huge color palette and there are a variety of techniques to apply it to specific metals including copper and silver. Pieces will be kiln-fired in this workshop and we will work with both copper and silver.  

The Bottom Line:

The basic cost of $70 will include all supplies and componants to make both a necklace and a pair of earrings during each class.  (A sterling silver chain will be included as well.)  And you will be able to purchase more individual pieces to work with too if desired.

Contact Info:

Jessica Hall

jessica @bluebirddesigns.com 

(775) 338-3880