Dreamwork Retreat: Access the Wisdom of Your Dreams to Enrich Your Life!

Join us at Inner Light Asheville for a transformative Dreamwork Retreat in beautiful Asheville, NC, USA. Relax into our supportive environment as you unlock the wisdom of your dreams. Discover the incredible power of your dreams and learn how they can enhance every aspect of your life. This in-person event offers a unique opportunity to explore the hidden messages and insights within your dreams. You and a small group of participants will be guided by Lissa Carter and Julie King Murphy, two experienced dreamwork facilitators, who are also counselors certified in expressive arts therapy. This 7-hour session is offered for up to 8 people at a third the price of individual therapy! Registration closes September 18, so the facilitators can tailor the experience to you and the other registered participants. Don't miss this chance for a day that will be a gift to yourself and a whole toolbox o

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