Dance Showcase

"Air Hunger," by Sharon Cooper, was inspired by the Covid Pandemic how much breath has been such a big part of everyone’s life. From breathing, not breathing, fear, anxiety, isolation, the I Can’t Breathe movement and the feelings created by these circumstances. Air Hunger is a contemporary dance piece performed by 3 dancers in three sections. In "A soft place to land pillowtalk... a performance and invitation to connect," choreographer Kathy Leiner explores the hard edges and humor of the emotional and physical search for a soft place to land. This movement piece culminates with an invitation for the audience to sink into the space of vulnerability to connect with others for pillow talk. The interactive element of performance requires audience members to remain masked."Ooleeluna" by Melissa Wilhoit — Out of primordial darkness through a mystical mitosis, other-worldly creatures emerge and evolve, transforming into metaphysical Glamazons."Me too You too" by Susan Collard — For centuries, people have been silent about humiliation, abuse and invasive actions against everyone and anybody. We seem to be willing to accept this violation. Now a healing process has begun within the three different levels of this type of violation. And we all need to join the process. A speaking, healing process through music, dance, and honest solidarity. This piece is about all of us- working together.

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