Chow Chow: Cherokee Fry Bread Workshop

Sometimes called “Cherokee Artisanal Tacos”, Fry Bread is both at once nothing more than fried dough, and also the representation of decades of perseverance against oppression. Fry Bread is not indigenous to Native American cuisine, but rose out of internment camps of forcibly displaced tribes in the mid-1800s. Removed from their lands and their food resources, tribes subsisted on government issued rations, including flour, salt and oil. In this hands-on workshop, Tyson Sampson & Charles Taylor of the Bigwitch Indian Wisdom Initiative and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, will share the complicated history of a food that is both delicious and comforting, while also holding within its golden exterior 150+ years of the complex narrative of indigenous tribes across the country. Attendees will learn how to make Fry Bread, and enjoy sampling this tasty dish & toppings - which can be sweet or savory (think fresh fruit or a rich stew) using fresh and foraged ingredients from the Qualla Boundary.

Chow Chow events are 21+ except for Sunday Supper Series.

Event Sponsor: Johnson Price Sprinkle PA

Venue Sponsor: Asheville Masonic Temple

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