Chow Chow: Carbon Harvest

Event Style: Flights & Bites 

Let’s re-store carbon on local farms and turn it into food! Carbon farming brings farmers and eaters together around healthy soils and delicious foods like fruits, nuts, berries and pasture-raised meats. It’s called “carbon farming” because it uses land management practices that increase the storage of carbon in soils and plants on the farm. More carbon on the farm means less in the atmosphere, which is why carbon farming is also a great climate change solution! Carbon Harvest is a new Asheville-based initiative that helps farmers adopt carbon farming practices through a cooperative, community-powered program supported by individuals, local businesses and other organizations that are ready to invest in natural climate solutions in the Southern Appalachians. Enjoy a Carbon Harvest dining experience of innovative and creative tastes showcasing ingredients such as perennial fruits and vegetables, and pasture-raised meats and dairy. In between tasting plates, you’ll learn more about this exciting new opportunity to support climate solutions that taste good.

Featured Chefs/Restaurants: Christian Albrecht - Braised & Confit, Matt Jones - Posana, Jill Wasilewski - Ivory Road Cafe & Kitchen, Eric Gabrynowicz - Tupelo Honey

$50.00 Per Person

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