Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs

If Jerry Garcia and Tom Waits made an Appalachian music duo, it might sound a little like the Brown Mountain Lightning Bugs. Hailing from Winston-Salem, NC Zack and Kendra Harding blend the traditional with the trippy to create original music they like to call folk(ish). Officially formed in 2016, the two have played extensively throughout the US, including spots at Front Porch Fest 13 (2022), CenterFest Durham, Awendaw Green, and Rockwood Music Hall. While the Bugs know that only tacos and pets can make everyone happy, they aim to create a concoction of sounds that gets a lot of toes tapping and heads bobbing, and maybe make a few friends along the way. When not performing, the two can be found hiking the foothills and mountains of North Carolina with their two dogs, Joni and Moon Moon, and playing the nerdiest video games imaginable.

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