Brenda McMorrow and Paloma Devi

Join singer-songwriters and mantra artists Brenda McMorrow and Paloma Devi for an evening of heart opening, inspiring and healing music. Joined by guest musicians Jahidi, Scott Sheerin, and Chris Rosser, Paloma and Brenda will each share a set (with a sprinkling of sweet collaboration)! Brenda McMorrow is known for her unique and warmly embracing style of mantra medicine music, in which she blends elements of acoustic folk, world rhythms and ancient Indian chants with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility. With Sanskrit Mantra and Kirtan (traditional Indian Call and Response singing) as the basis, Brenda weaves in the power of Spanish Medicine songs and her own inspiring English lyrics to create a healing and uplifting tapestry with the audience. Yoga Journal describes Brenda as having “a knack for expressing the deepest realizations in the sparsest lyrics”. Spiritual

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