Best of 2018 by Roots + Wings Visual Arts Preschool Exhibit


Best of 2018 by Roots + Wings Visual Arts Preschool Exhibit

Hall Gallery 

July 6 – August 31 

Students at the Visual Arts Preschool at?Roots + Wings School of Art and Design?engage with pre-K education fundamentals through a dynamic, arts based curriculum. Literacy, numeracy, social skills, community building, cultural and environmental studies are approached through an art and design thinking lens, as students explore learning concepts experientially across multiple platforms. 

The Roots + Wings Visual Arts Preschool 'Best of 2018' collection is a cross section of the diverse pre-K education program and includes investigations into art movements, community and culture, storytelling, and creative play. 

Tonya Harwood's class took a look at some of Joan Miro's work and spent time talking about different kinds of lines. The class discussed how spaces are made by putting these different lines together. They used permanent marker to draw Miro-inspired lines and shapes, then added a bit of watercolor in red, blue, yellow, and black.

The Bananas were created for the classroom performance of Harry Belafonte's Day-O at the end of the year celebration. They were drummed with, waved and twirled around. They are the exclamation points of a terrific year creating, learning and joking around together.

The Roots + Wings Visual Arts Preschool 'Best of 2018' consists of three collections of artwork chosen and created by Roots + Wings students and they are on display in The Refinery Creator Space Hall Gallery until August 31.

The Refinery Creator Space is open Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm.