Basic Photo Image Management

BASIC PHOTO IMAGE MANAGEMENT - Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019; 2:00-5:30 pm (preregistration is required, call to enroll) This workshop is designed as an introduction to managing photographs on the home PC or MAC computer. It will cover basic computer operation and workflow related to image handling and photo manipulation. Topics include importing photographs into the computer, basic image manipulation in Photoshop Elements, converting Jpeg images to Tiff and uses of each type file, sizes and resolution (dpi/ppi), storing, organizing, and archiving images on the computer for easy retrieval, preparing files for email, web page, print output. Participants use Photoshop Elements to improve images by cropping, resizing, color correcting, sharpening, correcting flaws, and much more. A basic understanding of your computer is needed, but no prior Photoshop knowledge is necessary. Full course description is available at Preregistration is required.                  Call 828-251-0040 to enroll.