Asheville Ideas Fest

The Third Annual Asheville Ideas Fest is June 17-20, 2024. 

When the inaugural Asheville Ideas Fest launched in June 2022, it was a watershed moment when 450 friends from around the country came together with world-class thinkers and doers to engage in meaningful discussions. The program evolved in 2023, and now 2024 promises to be an even more impactful gathering.

Asheville Ideas Fest is for curious citizens who want to engage with other deep thinkers on topics that matter. You may find your deeply held beliefs challenged on these important topics, and we invite you to lean into those moments, approaching them with an open mind and genuine curiosity. 

This year will include three core themes: 

  • Thriving Communities: Building Connection, Shared Commitment, and Human Flourishing
  • Frontiers of Discovery: Seeking Insight in Our Times
  • Dynamic Democracy: What Lies Beyond Polarization

In addition to dynamic panel discussions with audience Q&A, afternoon workshops with panel speakers provide further opportunities to explore the themes and develop your ideas. Our program consists of a phenomenal lineup of speakers and a laser focus on generating civil discourse on topics that ignite conversations. 

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