Asheville Gallery of Art January 2022 Exhibit, "Mountain Inspirations"


continues to study. She finds joy in painting the ordinary things of life in a way that captures their sacredness. Believing that God is present in all things, she considers herself a “co-creator” of the beauty that she experiences as she paints her natural surroundings “en plein air.” Mandy’s preferred medium is oil, in a classical realism style, and she is inspired by the world’s ever-present natural beauty. Raymond Byram has been painting in oils since 1969. After receiving a Fine Arts degree with a minor in art history, he has devoted his life to his painting and printmaking. Although he has worked in a variety of genres and styles, landscapes in oil are his primary pursuits. Byram’s oils are almost exclusively done with palette knives, rather than brushes. Ray enjoys both an Impressionistic style of painting, as well as the beauty of the mountains and forests. Combined, they have molded his style into what he calls Tight Impressionism. Ray finds his inspiration in the eastern mountains and forests of North Carolina. For further information about this show, please contact the Asheville Gallery of Art at (828) 251-5796, visit the gallery’s website at, or go to the gallery’s Facebook page. January 2nd to January 31, Daily from 11am to 6pm.

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