Asheville Fringe Arts Festival



New for 2023!

  • This year we’ve added 5 new venues in the walkable Foundy Street area 📍 MAP

  • We’re hosting 2 different short film screenings at Grail Moviehouse on Monday, March 20

  • 4 different groups of artists are taking over Art Garden for 8 fully immersive performances

  • Come out on Saturday afternoon and hang all day, starting with the Fringe Free Foundy tour, hosted by Mountain Mural Tours

Fringe is a performing arts tradition that started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947 when eight performing groups were excluded from the mainstream annual arts festival. They decided to perform anyway, finding inexpensive or free venues on the fringes of the city. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has since grown into one of the largest arts festivals in the world, eclipsing the original festival exponentially.

Featuring more than 50 weird and wonderful acts from a diverse group of local and national performers.

Including: Dance ~ Comedy ~ Puppetry ~ Improv ~ Ritual ~ Spoken Word ~ Music ~ Physical Theatre ~ Installations ~ Interactive Performances ~ Musical Theatre and Neofuturism

Venues Include: The BeBe Theatre ~ The Magnetic Theatre ~ Story Parlor ~ LEAF Global Arts ~ Fleetwood's Art Garden ~ Marquee ~ House of Kismet ~ Tyger Tyger Gallery ~ Wedge Brewing ~ Pleb Urban Winery ~ Grail Moviehouse and The Crow & Quill

Asheville Fringe Parties: FREE

KICK OFF Party: March 19th, 6-9pm at Marquee

Artist Party: March 22nd, 6-9pm at Tyger Tyger

Thursday Afterparty: March 23rd, 10-midnight at Pleb

Friday Afterparty: March 24th, 10-midnight at Fleetwoods

Saturday Afterparty: March 25th, 10-midnight at Wedge Cloud Room

Closing Party: March 26th, 7-10pm at Crow & Quill (passholders only)

See Website for Complete Schedule!



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