Arts & Crafts Workshop: Art Journaling

Resolved to make more art in 2022? Welcome the new year with a new practice: keeping an art journal. Mixed media artist Kate Corcoran will show you how in this fun and inspiring workshop!

Kate will begin by introducing you to the practice of art journaling. You’ll learn what art journaling is and why it’s beneficial for creativity and self-care. You’ll also explore challenges to art journaling and possible ways to manage them. Then, Kate will provide visual images, examples, and prompts to inspire your journal cover—which we hope will motivate you to start (or restart) your journaling practice!

After preparing your cover for mixed media work, you’ll spend the rest of the workshop creating it by:

  • Preparing a background base using papers, paints, and other flat materials

  • Using stamps, stencils, molding paste, and embellishments to add texture to your cover

  • Further decorating your cover with mark making, lettering, and doodling

You’ll leave the workshop with a personalized journal cover and, if time allows, a completed art journal page(s). More importantly, you’ll have the skills and confidence to continue journaling on your own!

For more information, or to register, visit the Purple Crayon website.

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