Art Loeb Trail Backpacking Trip: August 24-27, 2023

Join us for this 4 day, 31 mile backpacking trip on the rugged and scenic Art Loeb Trail. The Art Loeb Trail is listed as one of the 33 Best Hikes in North America by National Geographic Adventure Magazine, and for good reason! It is a beautiful, challenging hike traveling over grassy balds, up 6000ft peaks, along bubbling creeks, and through lush forests. We'll hike the trail southbound from Daniel Boone Scout Camp to Davidson River Campground, tackling over 9,000ft of total elevation gain and 10,000ft of total elevation loss. Because this trail is rugged and challenging at times, it is ideal for folks who have some previous backpacking experience. Hikers who are already comfortable on trail or have a high level of physical fitness will find this to be an incredibly rewarding first backpacking trip!

You'll hike approximately 32 miles over 4 days, ranging from 6 to 10 miles per day. The Art Loeb Trail is notoriously rugged, with challenging navigation through the Shining Rock Wilderness, unrelenting climbs and descents, and rocky terrain. The first half of your trip will be along the Balsam range, featuring 3 6,000ft peaks and some of the most iconic views in Western NC (including Cold Mountain and Black Balsam Knob). After you cross the Blue Ridge Parkway, you'll descend into rolling forested terrain for the second half of the trip. You'll finish you hike at Davidson River Campground.  Hikers wishing to join should be able to complete a 14 mile day hike with a regular daypack. Hike generally finished around mid-afternoon on the last day.

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