Art & Craft Workshop: Intro to Wire Wrapping-Copper Bangle Bracelet

Have you always wanted to make your own professional-looking jewelry? In this introductory wire wrapping workshop, Jewelry Designer Nadine Fidelman will show you how to create a beautiful copper bangle bracelet in just a few hours!

You’ll begin by choosing a size bracelet. Then, Nadine will show you how to prepare square wire and half round “wrapping wire” by cutting and straightening it. Next, you’ll learn how to twist square wire and attach side square wires using wrapping techniques. Finally, you’ll form your bracelet to your wrist, tumble it, and finish your piece by patinating and sanding it to your desired color.

No previous jewelry-making experience required, but you should have good eyesight and a steady hand.

For more information, or to register, visit the Purple Crayon website.

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