Art & Craft Workshop: Fluid Art Sampler

Have you ever wanted to create an abstract painting but weren’t sure how to start? If so, fluid art—also called [acrylic] pour painting, flow art, liquid art., etc.—might be just what you’re looking for!

Fluid art is a form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints with a runny (fluid) consistency. The paints react with each other when combined to make interesting and visually organic motifs. As the paints run amok and spill across your canvas, the possibilities are endless!

In this workshop, Dawn Barnard will show you how to do a few different types of acrylic pours using a few different surfaces: an 8 x 10 canvas, a picture frame, and either a vase or votive, depending on product availability. You'll also learn how to finish your pieces with an acrylic coating.

This class is great for people who have never created fluid art, but it also gives “frequent flyers” opportunities to try new pouring methods on different surfaces and continue experimenting with color!

For more information, or to register, visit the Purple Crayon website.

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