Angel Pets Expo 2020

Angel Pets Expo 2020 is taking place on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020, from 10-4pm at the WNC AG Center in the Expo Building. is Supporting Pets, Enhancing lives, All things Pets!

Resources, services and products which support and honor our pets, and ourselves as pet parents. Angel Pets focus is also proudly inclusive of all stages of pet life including: young life, adult life, rehab, senior pet care, end-of-life care/grief support. The Angel Pets Expo is comprehensive of ‘All things Pets!”. The goal of the Angel Pets Expo is to increase the pet loving community, connect with each other, increase the quality of life of our pets and ourselves, as pet parents. Angel Pets Expo supports the idea that pets are angels…and pets are family! Be an Angel Pets Person…join the Angel Pets movement! Yay us.

Presentations, Food Vendors, Door Prizes, Music & more! Animal Blessing event in the afternoon, as well. Pet friendly! Family friendly. $7 in advanced through Eventbrite. $10 at the door.

Variety of over 70 vendors which include Artists, Veterinary care, animal acupuncture & chiropractic, pet and person fairy hair, pet insurance specialist, pet food/treats, canine rehabilitation, animal trainers, pet products, animal Reiki and energy work, animal communicators, pet artists, pet portraits, non-profit groups, pet memorial items, pet sitters, pet jewelry and clothing, groomers and more! Vendor info is posted on website

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