Asheville’s acclaimed global-jazz duo, Free Planet Radio, partners with Ugandan musician, activist, and ambassador, Chinobay, for a special evening of musical fusion at the newly-opened AyurPrana Listening Room in West Asheville, in the beautifully renovated space previously known as Ambrose West. Born and raised in Kampala, Uganda, Chinobay (née Herbert Kinobe) grew up playing the instruments of local Buganda musicians who provided the soundtrack for the Kanyange king’s palace just up the hill from his house. Chinobay’s lifelong commitment to facilitating social change through music is as powerfully moving as the heartfelt songs he shares. Free Planet Radio has been inspiring audiences for over twenty years. Originally a trio until the unfortunate death of the group’s original bass player, Eliot Wadopian, in 2021, the band is persevering as a duo and collaborating with an exciting array of talented guest artists. Free Planet Radio consists of deft and versatile multi-instrumentalist, Chris Rosser, and renowned percussionist, River Guerguerian. Their signature sound is a jazzy, virtuous, vibrant, and contemplative combination of complex original compositions and new arrangements of traditional tunes from around the world through which they explore the infinite and seamless relationships between musical cultures and the universal language of sound. On Saturday, February 11, 2023, at 7:30pm, Free Planet Radio and Chinobay will weave together their unique repertoires to create a memorable evening of uplifting cultural exchange between these virtuosic artists. Tickets are on sale now for this seated concert.

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