American Craft Sake Festival

The American Craft Sake Festival will feature the largest collection of American Craft Sake for sampling.

On Saturday, May 28th, 2022, Ben’s Tune Up in Asheville, NC will host the joyous return of American Craft Sake Fest. And there will be a special guest joining us!

Japan’s top-ranking representative in the Southeast, Atlanta-based Consul General Kazuyuki Takeuchi, will attend the American Craft Sake Festival hosted by Ben’s American Sake in Asheville, NC. The Festival is the largest gathering of North American sake brewers in the country and will include tastings and lectures on sake and sake brewing from over a dozen producers from across the continent. Craft sake is a growing industry, with almost two-dozen breweries cropping up across Canada, the United States and Mexico. North American sake draws from the Japanese tradition of brewing rice, water, yeast and koji mold to create an alcoholic beverage with roughly the same ABV as wine (typically 16%)

In addition to the sake tastings, the organizers plan to hold educational seminars for sake newcomers as well as experts on sake and sake making. Consul General Takeuchi’s participation in the event demonstrates the importance of the growing American craft sake industry in deepening the cultural and commercial ties between Japan and the United States.

Tickets will be available for presell on April 1st 2022. Early Bird tickets are $40. If available, tickets will be sold at the door for $50 during the event. Attendees will enjoy sake tastings from sake breweries in North America (while supplies last), seminars from sake industry proffesionals, live music, and drink specials from 2-6pm.

Some of the participating breweries are:

  • Proper Sake Co. - Nashville, TN
  • Tsuki Sake - Salt Lake City, UT
  • The Void - Lexington, KY
  • Brooklyn Kura - Brooklyn, NY
  • Den Sake - Oakland, CA
  • North American Sake - Charlottesville, VA
  • moto-i - Minneapolis, MN
  • and more...

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