Acorn Processing: The Ultimate Slow Food

Join us for an acorn processing adventure. Learn the ins & outs of one of the oldest traditions of food acquisition. * This is an in-person class happening in Asheville, NC. Due to location policies, participants will be asked to wear a mask indoors. If you're feeling ill, please stay home & contact us as soon as possible to request a refund so your ticket can be made available to others. We will be on a nutty ride together in this class. Learn the ins & outs of one of the oldest traditions of food acquisition. You will obtain a clear understanding of all the steps involved in this somewhat complex & incredibly rewarding process. Plus, you can process & taste an ancient food which is basically impossible to buy. This class will have hands-on opportunities for those interested. 🌳 Our presentation covers: 1) Oak identification 2) Acorn selection 3) Storage 4) Cracking & shelling 5) Winnowing + grinding 6) Cold & hot leaching 7) Recipes 🐿 This is a slightly advanced food to forage, but anyone can do it. You will definitely be feeling more connected with Oaks by the end of it. Looking forward to connecting over one of the most abundant and delicious foods on the planet. 🍄 About your instructor: Bryan is an avid forager and permaculturist who leads events on wild food foraging, land stewardship and ecotherapy. He holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology which he fuses with his passion for Earth-care to facilitate therapeutic nature-connection experiences. He has practiced & studied foraging extensively with many top-level teachers across the country. His mission is to build healing ecosystems to bring communities into a balanced relationship with the Earth and one another.

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