Early music enthusiasts rejoice! Called "ravishing, exhilarating and uniquely beautiful" by BBC Music Magazine, Le Concert presents "Trio Sonata Soiree," a combination of compelling musical personalities and repertoire from the 17th and 18th centuries. Featuring harpsichord, violin and cello, Le Consort takes this genre, the quintessence of baroque chamber music, and interprets it through personal, dynamic and colorful language. 


Antonio Vivaldi: Trio Sonata, G minorOp. 1, #1

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre: Sonate No 1 G minor

Jean-Phillipe Rameau: Extracts from "les Indes galantes"

Jean-Francois Dandrieu: Trio Sonata, G minor Op. 1

Heinrich Biber: Passacaglia for solo violin

Andrea Falconieri: Follas echa para mi Senora Dona Tarolilla de Carallenos

John Eccles: "The Mad Lover"

Henry Purcell: Sonata of Four Parts, G minor Z 807

Arcangelo Corelli: Trio Sonata, C major Op. 4 No.1

Pancrace Royer: Marche des Scythes

Bach: Andante, BWV 974

Vivaldi: Trio Sonata, D-minor Op.1, No.12 ("Follia")

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