9th Annual Face Jug Show opens Online April 6!


American Folk Art presents: The 9th Annual Face Jug Show:

April 6th - April 20th, 2021

Opens on our Website/Sales Begin: Tuesday April 6th at 11AM EST

Opens in the Gallery, 64 Biltmore Ave: Thursday April 8th – Tuesday April 20th, 2021


2021 marks the 9th consecutive April that American Folk Art will devote to the regional tradition of Face Jugs. These jugs began to appear in these parts in the very early 1800’s. The addition of the Faces, snakes and other foreboding iconography was added to Moonshine jugs as a clever way to keep children from drinking the hooch stored within.

The tradition of clay wares created for household use was common and our North Carolina soils contain all the elements needed to make hardy stoneware clays. Our woods provide all the fuel needed to fire the kilns. North Carolinians have always provided the essentials for themselves and functional pottery was found in every home. Over time, as glass and mass-manufacturing gained favor, the hard work of digging clay, turning & firing pottery began fading from view.

In the 1980’s, as self-sufficiency and all things hand-made became popular, a small revival in Face Jugs and other traditional pottery was ignited. The Face Jug is now a widely collected part of our pottery & mountain culture… American Folk Art collects a varied selection of these jugs, made by sought-after potters who are continuing to explore and expand upon the beloved & creative Face Jug concept.

American Folk Art always posts all available art online at WWW.AMERIFOLK.COM. Whether you can visit the gallery or only visit online, every face jug can be previewed at 11 AM EST on Tuesday, April 6th. Sales will begin at NOON by simply calling the gallery at 828-281-2134. The unsold face jugs will be on display in the gallery beginning Thursday, April 8th at 11 AM. The show will continue thru April 20th.

Two Potters whose Face Jugs are rooted in the Southern traditions but show each potter’s unique interests are Carl Block & Ben J North.

Carl is a Texan whose work has been influenced by the sunny colors of Mexico. A piñata/Day of the Dead vibe courses through each one. Ben is a man firmly rooted in historical fables and imaginative takes on old world influences. His finely detailed pottery has a sculptural quality that is quite satisfying to behold.

In addition to these fine potters, 10 others will be featured...This yearly event celebrating a culturally important connection to the past should not be missed.  


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