3rd Annual Garlic Fest 2016

WNC Garlic Fest is an opportunity to eat some creative, awesome and inspired garlic dishes! Garlic Ice Cream with garlic sprinkles, Garlic Fudge, Garlic Cookies, Honey Fermented Garlic. Come explode your taste buds. Follow the Garlic Trail for a host of local-vendor offered garlic experiences.LEARN: Western North Carolina is an agricultural hotspot and growing garlic is no exception. WNC Garlic Fest was founded with a mission to educate people in the simple skill of growing great garlic and offers free garlic lessons. We’ll have a line up of great presenters so you can learn about cooking and growing garlic.GROW: WNC Garlic Fest is organized and supported by Sow True Seed, a local seed company that supplies certified seed garlic and supports the mission of local and sustainable food systems. Grow Your Own Great Garlic! We’ll have local farmers and Sow True Seed with loads of awesome garlic varieties.