Frequently Asked Questions

Festival Overview

What is Chow Chow?
Asheville’s new culinary spectacular, Chow Chow, welcomes everyone to the
table. Named for a piquant vegetable slaw that has perked up generations of
Appalachian dinner plates, this immersive multi-day festival celebrates the
bounty of the ancient landscape that envelops the city. Here where food and
creativity flow like the rushing streams and rivers of the surrounding
Appalachian Mountains, local taste-makers prepare and share meals that
nourish the soul as well as sustain the land.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Chow Chow celebrates and delves deep into
the culinary ingenuity that has elevated Asheville’s food scene to a national
level. Meaningful programming connects attendees to the many hands and
makers who create in this vibrant corner of southern Appalachia. The
festival’s lineup includes grand tasting events, chef demonstrations,
charitable collaborations, and a unique array of hands-on experiences in and
around town.

In Asheville, the table is always set—and Chow Chow invites all to feast on the

When and where is Chow Chow?
Chow Chow: An Asheville Event takes place in various locations throughout
Asheville, North Carolina. Dates for 2020 are TBA.

How do I purchase tickets to attend Chow Chow events?
Tickets are available online at and, if events are not
sold out, will be for sale at the Ticketing Center at Pack Square the week of the
festival. You must be 21 years old or older to attend the Festival.

Are Children Allowed at The Festival?
All festival events are 21 and older. We love kids + furry friends, but no children,
infants (even in strollers or carriers) or pets (except service animals) are
allowed to attend any festival event for the safety of all parties.

What is the process for receiving tickets once they are purchased?
Upon purchase of a ticket(s), the purchaser will receive a confirmation email
and receipt for the purchase. Please print your tickets at home or bring the
confirmation email that you receive from our ticketing partner, Squad Up, to
the event NOTE: we prefer to bring the email to be envro-friendly).

Please also bring a Photo ID with you to gain access to the event.

Will events sell-out?
Most likely. There is a set capacity for each workshop and event, and tickets
are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The Festival cannot expand the
capacity of any class or event to accommodate additional guests.

Are tickets refundable? Can I switch tickets for another event?
All tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. All events take
place rain or shine. In the event that lightning poses a threat to our safety, we
will deliver communication to guide everyone to shelter at the event.

What is included with a ticket?

All food and beverage for each event is included with the ticket price. For
more details for each event, refer to below:

Mountain Top Soiree: Opening Party: passed hors d'oeuvres from a
dozen chefs/pastry chefs, a dozen beers, wine stations, and cocktails by
bartenders. There are two bands playing throughout the night and a
commemorative glassware.
Pickled in the Park Grand Tasting: over 50 restaurant and beverage
stations each featuring sampling to enjoy at each location. There are
live demonstrations, live music, and a commemorative glassware.
Follow the Barrel: Guests will be the first to taste spirits, coffee, and beer
made out of barrels for this special event. There will be cocktails and
tastings of each beverage created, along with food stations with bites
from three chefs.
Fairview Farm Trot: at each farm, there is a guest chef providing a dish
featuring products from that particular farm. There will be a beverage
pairing at each stop. At Hickory Nut Gap Farm, there are a few chef
stations and live music. Transportation to and from downtown is also
provided for this event.
Appalachian Soul Food: A Celebration of The Block: a 3 course dinner
served family style, paired with beverages is served at Benne on Eagle
after visiting YMI Cultural Center for a talk.
LaZoom Tour: There is a dish served by local chefs at each stop and
canned beer and wine is provided to enjoy during the entire length of
the tour.
Brown in the South: a multi-course dinner paired with beverages.
Cacao, Confections & Cocktails: pastry chefs will be serving a dish at
stations throughout the factory featuring French Broad Chocolate.
There will be cocktails by bartenders, wine, and coffee served. There is
live music and a cheese and charcuterie station.
Sips & Sun Salutations: There is a yoga class to kick things off and then
breakfast dishes at stations by six chefs. There is coffee, juice, cocktails,
wine, and beer to enjoy as well. There is live music after the 45-minute
yoga class.
Foraging & Feast: after foraging with chefs and beverage professionals,
you will help cook and make drinks to then eat and drink.

Biltmore’s Bounty: at each of the four stops, Biltmore chefs will prepare
a dish to enjoy along with a paired beverage.
▪ Women on the Urban Trail: at each of the three stops, chefs will prepare
a bite to enjoy along with a paired beverage.
Clay Bake: a multi-course family style dinner paired with beverages.
Fire It Up: chefs will offer a dish inspired by a specific color at stations.
There will be cocktails by bartenders, wine, and beer served at stations.
Noble Dirt Brunch: a five-course brunch served family style with a
beverage pairing. There is live entertainment.
Plant Almighty: There is a yoga class to kick things off and plant and
vegan dishes at stations by six chefs. There is juice, cocktails, wine, and
Chow Time Closing Party: eight chefs will serve either BBQ or chicken
and a side and/or dessert at stations. There will be cocktails, beer, and
wine. There is live music and a commemorative item.
Seminars and Workshops: seminars are all interactive, and some have
a food or beverage tasting, or you are making something for the table.

If I buy a ticket for Pickled in the Park Grand Tasting for Friday at $125, can I go
all three days or only that day? Is it $125 a day? 

A $125 daily ticket is only good for the day you purchase the ticket. Each day,
there will be different chefs and beverage professionals at the Rotating
Stations in the main tent, and different demos and live entertainment each

What is the Friends Program?
The Friends Program is a program for individuals/couples/duos who want to
attend Chow Chow and receive special perks such as access to the VIP
Lounge, VIP Welcome Party, and more. They also are listed as donors of Chow
Chow and a portion of the fee is tax-deductible.

When is the Ticketing Center open and where is it located?
The Ticketing Center will be open the week of the festival, hours Thursday 12:00-5:00 p.m., Friday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and Sunday 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.. It will be located at Pack Square.

Can I purchase tickets at the specific event?
No, you will need to either purchase online or at the Ticketing Center in Pack
Square if tickets are still available for that event.

Are there any events open to the public at no charge?Yes. There will be a section on the website this summer that lists events that
are being organized by partners that are free or available at a low price. There are also parts of Pack Square that are free and open to the public
including the Food Truck Rodeo, Makers Market, and Philanthropy Area. No free food or beverages are served but there are free demos, and opportunities to purchase items if you want.

What is prohibited to bring to a Chow Chow event?
▪ Firearms, explosives, and weapons of any kind (including pocket knives,
pepper spray, fireworks, etc.)
▪ Outside food or beverage (including alcohol) of any kind
▪ Illegal and illicit substances of any kind; drugs or drug paraphernalia
▪ Chairs, blankets, and lawn umbrellas
▪ Noise making devices: air horns, drums, whistles
▪ Drones
▪ Pets (except service animals)
▪ Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors are not allowed. No unauthorized
solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach
balls, giveaways, samples, etc.
▪ rollerblades and skateboards
▪ Purse/bag restrictions: Chow Chow is committed to the safety and
security of all patrons in the park. ALL bags will be searched before entry.

Bags will be restricted to small purses, totes and drawstring bags only.
Bag size may not exceed 14” x 11” x 5” (35cm x 28cm x 12cm) and must
have no more than one singular pocket or opening. Backpacks and
bags with multiple pockets are prohibited. Patrons should be prepared
to have their bags searched each time they enter the festival and
should plan for extra time to get through security. For faster entry, No
Bag Express Lanes are located at the entrance for those not carrying a

Does an event get canceled with bad weather?
All events take place rain or shine. In the event that lightning poses a threat to
our safety, we will deliver communication to guide everyone to shelter at the
respective event. There are rain plans for each event during Chow Chow.

What if I have a food allergy? Or if I am vegan/vegetarian?
All events will feature vegetarian and vegan options. There will also be
enough variety to handle most food allergies. If you have a serious allergy,
please contact the staff at in advance to
notify of any issues. You may not be able to eat everything at each event, but
there should still be plenty of options for those with allergies.

Is there a special ticket price for people who do not drink alcohol?
No, there is not a price break for people who do not drink alcohol. There will be
non-alcoholic beverages offered at every Chow Chow event.

Is there a dress code for the events?
There is no enforced dress code; however, we do ask you to dress in keeping
with the nature of the event. Shorts and t-shirts are not considered
appropriate attire for evening events. Please also note that some events such
as the Grand Tasting Tents are outdoors. Please check the weather and dress

appropriately. Please wear shoes you are comfortable walking in and for
grassy areas if outdoors.

Is there a charitable component of Chow Chow?
Chow Chow is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, but it also has selected
MANNA FoodBank as its 2019 Signature Charity. Chow Chow is asking ticket
holders to consider donating when they purchase tickets to go directly to
MANNA’s Packs for Kids program. To learn more about MANNA or this program,
visit their website.

Any Smoking restrictions?
There is no smoking allowed at any Chow Chow event.

Are there any special hotel packages or rates?

We’ve partnered with select hotels to offer special Hotel
Packages and rates. To learn more, visit

Where do I park for Chow Chow events?
The About Asheville section of offers parking info,
transportation options, weather trends and other practical travel insights for
visitors planning a trip to Asheville.

Once visitors hit the ground in Asheville, is a mobile-
friendly platform to help visitors with their on-the-go travel plans, featuring
attractions, activities, hikes, tours and real-time parking updates with maps of
available parking spaces throughout the city.

Parking is limited at most off-site event locations and we encourage you to
walk, bike, or refer to the About Asheville to get more details to get to your

What do I do if I have had too much to drink?
Please be responsible and do not drink and drive. There are a number of
transportation options if your ability to drive is impaired:
▪ Safe Ride America is a nonprofit organization and will provide
transportation for free if necessary. (404) 888‐0887
▪ UBER provides on-demand sedan or SUV service. Download the UBER
app to your iPhone or Android smart phone atwww.uber.comor text an
address and city to UBR-CAB (827-222)

What is Chow Chow doing to recycle during the event?
Chow Chow strives to mitigate its impact on the environment. We take a
considerable amount of pride in the efforts made by our partners and staff in
maintaining the integrity of Pack Square over the course of the weekend.

Upon arriving at the venue, guests will receive a complimentary reusable cup
to sip and savor an impressively vast number of wine, spirits and brews. Chow
Chow has partnered with Danny’s Dumpsters, an Asheville-based and family-
owned composting and recycling service, will compost and recycle as much
as possible. We compost our waste and flatware! You will see numerous
composting stations throughout Pack Square. Trash cans are featured at the
festival to collect waste not suitable for recycling.
MANNA and Food Connection will also collect the left over packaged and
prepared food to distribute it to people in need.

Is there a Lost and Found?
If you’ve misplaced an item, email us at and we will try and locate.

Can we bring water to Chow Chow events?
There will be water served at every event. Refillable water bottles are
encouraged at Pickled at the Park. They must be empty however when you
enter into the event. There will be free water fill stations at Pack Square.

I Have A Question That Isn't Answered Here. Now What?
No worries, e-mail us at and we’ll help you out!