Terri Terrell

Credit: Lady across the table

Director of Operations, HomeGrown Eateries and Catering

Maker: Chef

The story of Miki & TT… there should be mimosas! Wait there were (along with lots of caterings and restaurant shenanigans)! Early on, both wanting to be their own boss, Miki and TT learned that they worked well together as they helped each other on early business ventures. Now they boss each other around running all the facets of HomeGrown Eateries & Catering.

Miki was raised in Madison County on a small family farm, in a community of folks who deeply value Appalachian heritage and traditions, sustainable farming and sharing meals. This upbringing played a large role in the concept for HomeGrown. In 2007, it was time for the first business venture and Saffron Fine Foods was begun. Within a couple short years, Saffron was well known for its green catering practices, specializing in “100 Mile Menus.” Along came 2010 and what a year it was! Signing the lease on the restaurant, followed shortly by the birth of Charlie. Six months later HomeGrown was officially up and running (right about the time Miki found out she was pregnant with Magnolia).

With Saffron Fine Foods still up and running and HomeGrown now in operation, additional help was in definitely in order. Dear friend Terri Terrell (aka TT) took on additional responsibilities as catering chef and eventually assumed the role of Operations Director. There were lots of adventures along the way…. Now the two (along with a host of other folks) make two HomeGrown Eateries and a busy catering business roll!


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