Scott Shor

Operating Partner, Edmund's Oast, Edmund's Oast Exchange and Edmund's Oast Brewing Co.

Maker: Beverage Professional

Scott Shor, a Long Island native, started his career in the industry soon after moving to Boston in 2000. For five years, he was General Manager at a high-end beer, wine and liquor store in the prestigious Beacon Hill area. In 2005, Scott moved to Charleston and eventually re-entered the food & beverage business working at Ted’s Butcherblock. In 2007, South Carolina’s “Pop the Cap” bill became law, lifting alcohol limits on beer. Fueled in part by friendship with the owners of COAST Brewing Company, Scott decided to do something with craft beer. He, along with longtime friend and business partner Rich Carley, opened the state’s first craft beer-exclusive store, The Charleston Beer Exchange, with the intention of it being a hobby. This quickly grew into a full-time job and led to him running the store alongside Carley. The Charleston Beer Exchange was a trendsetter, featuring the state’s first dedicated retail growler station. In 2010, they expanded with a second location in downtown Greenville, SC.

Scott has spent the last several years helping grow the Charleston beer scene. He, Carley, and the owners of COAST organized various high profile beer events, and co-created Brewvival, the premier beer festival event in the region.

In 2013, Scott fulfilled another dream in opening a beverage-centric restaurant. The vision started much smaller, but over time expanded in scope and size to become Edmund’s Oast. The restaurant quickly became one of the most popular establishments in the city and in the South, being named a semi-finalist for a Best New Restaurant in 2015 by the James Beard Foundation Awards. It was also selected as a Top 50 Best New Restaurant by Bon Appetit and a Best New Restaurant in Southern Living, both in 2014. Media coverage and acclaim for the restaurant has been continuous under Scott’s leadership.

August 2017 brought the opening of the relocated Charleston Beer Exchange as the new Edmund’s Oast Exchange right next door to Edmund’s Oast Restaurant. The following month saw the Grand Opening of Edmund’s Oast Brewing Company located at 1505 King Street. The brewery is currently distributed in SC and New York City, but is pursuing dreams of sending beer to all 4 corners of the globe.

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