Richard Neal

Executive Chef, The Admiral

Maker: Chef

I grew up on the southside of Atlanta in Fayette County but spent most of my high school career at a boarding school in the middle of nowhere southwest VA. Ever since then I have been obsessed with nature and the forest which heavily influences the food I like to cook. I attended culinary school at The Art Institute of Atlanta and worked for Todd Immel during those three years; He helped shape my foundation a ton. After my time with him I experienced a few other kitchens but spent most of my time at Bacchanalia. I met my wife there and eventually followed her up to Nashville where I spent four years as Tyler Brown’s CDC at The Hermitage Hotel. I then received an opportunity to move to Athens, GA and work as Hugh Acheson’s travel and R&D chef which led my to becoming his executive chef at 5&10. Some family matters came up and we moved to Asheville to be close with family; Brian at Cucina 24 was gracious and offered my a home while I landed on my feet. After a few weeks the position at The Admiral opened up and I have now been here for 10 months. Who I am as a chef: Local food means a ton to me so I use that and the terrior around me to push myself creatively to make unfamiliar ingredients attractive and approachable in a modern style.

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