Maia Surdam

Credit: Nicole McConville

Co-owner, OWL Bakery

Maker: Other Maker

Maia Surdam looks for the places where food and history meet, and tries to spend as much time there as possible. An educator, historian, baker, and gardener, Maia has cultivated a career that allows her to connect these various interests and share them with others. She has spent the past 20 years studying U.S. history, a pursuit that included earning a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin, writing a children’s book and teaching in college classrooms across the country. Life takes unpredictable turns, and one such turn led Maia to OWL Bakery where she is currently a part-owner and enthusiastic baker. Over the past three years, Maia has worked in nearly every position at OWL. Most recently, as the Lead Bread Baker, Maia helped to ensure that all OWL bread includes some portion of locally-milled, stone-ground flour. Her current research project involves the fascinating historical connections between beer and bread.

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