Brian Boggs Chairmakers

Credit: Brandon Ligiht

Brian Boggs Designer/Master Craftsman . Brian Boggs Chairmakers


From the River Arts District of Asheville, North Carolina, Brian Boggs Chairmakers delivers luxurious wooden furniture to the country and the world. Our dedicated team combines time-honored woodworking skills with modern production to create furnishings ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Built for inspirational living, the sophisticated comfort of our pieces comes from a dedication to authentic beauty and ergonomic engineering.

We use premium domestic hardwoods sustainably harvested in Western North Carolina and surrounding areas, choosing each specimen by the log rather than ordering commercial lumber. We work with local businesses which provide this quality hardwood, as well as reclaiming urban trees.

Brian Boggs’ core philosophy connects you to the trees. Through a combination of artistry and engineering, this furniture designer and craftsman creates the most luxurious wooden furniture available. Honest inspiration led him to find the authentic beauty and sophisticated comfort contained in each of this master’s pieces of furniture.

Constructing the business around the furniture meant incorporating the philosophy of Melanie Boggs, a former organizational learning and development consultant. Through her training and leadership, this values-driven company finds alignment across shared goals and values. Her management style inspires and drives those who work with her to constantly improve and grow, as associates and as humans.

Brian Boggs Chairmakers creates furniture which transcends mere functionality to become treasured heirlooms. Built in days rather than hours, these meticulously constructed custom works are produced to last lifetimes.

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