Brandon Grogan

Credit: Lauren Van Epps

Bar Manager, Buxton Hall Barbecue

Maker: Beverage Professional

Hailing from Greensboro, NC, Brandon's first move into the beverage industry was an accidental one. After relocating to Asheville in 2014, his brother, who works for Chai Pani Restaurant Group, set him up with an interview at MG Road. Inevitably, Brandon started work the next day and from then on out, he was hooked.

While at MG Road, Brandon spent most of his time paying his dues in the form of bussing tables, washing dishes, running food and assisting with opening and closing. With a new-found passion for everything food, drinks and service, he was quickly given the opportunity to take over the bar’s prep program where he was responsible for prepping all juices, syrups, cut ice and batched cocktails. Soon after, he was promoted to full-time bartender. In August 2015, Brandon officially transitioned to MG Road’s sister concept Buxton Hall, where he was soon promoted to his current role of Bar Manager.

While beverage programs are atypical for your classic mom-and-pop barbecue joint, Brandon is changing the narrative at Buxton with his keen focus on natural wines, local & regional beer collaborations, boozy slushies and maintaining a revolving door of remixed cocktails that pair best with pitmaster Elliott Moss’ barbecue.

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