History on the Rocks Sponsored by Imbibe and The Crunkleton

Friday, Sep 13, 2019 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Location: Aloft Hotel
$75 per person


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Embark on a spirited drinking tour of state history led by a legendary North Carolina bartender. Sip modern moonshine and learn about the outlaw spirit's notorious legacy in Appalachia. Sample the pre-Prohibition fruits of the state's apple heritage-apple brandy-and hear about its resurgence. Then tipple your way through the medicinal liquors of Prohibition and antique whiskey. This is a once-in-a-lifetime tasting not to be missed.

  • Wilkes County Moonshine

  • Caldwell County Apple Brandy (Carriage House Brandy)

  • Old Lavender Whiskey 1906 Bottling

  • Bourbon de Luxe 18Y American Medicinal Spirits Company Distilled in 1915

  • Paul Jones American Blended Whiskey Distilled in 1956

Logistical Details:

NC and Appalachia and the spirits they drank around the turn of the century - from moonshine to whiskey. We will taste moonshine, apple brandy, pre-prohibition whiskey, prohibition (Medicinal) whiskey, and post-prohibition whiskey. In theory, this can be a once in a lifetime tasting given these old spirits are rare and difficult to acquire. This will be a tremendous tasting for the people fortunate enough to buy a ticket before they sell out.

Since we are linking in Appalachia and NC, how about I start with offering moonshine and talk about that, apple brandy and talk about that (NC had more brandy stills than any other state prior to prohibition), and then move into the pre-prohibition, prohibition, and post-prohibition spirits.

  • NC Moonshine

  • NC Apple Brandy

  • Maybe, Old Lavender Whiskey 1906 Pre-Prohibition Whiskey

  • Maybe, Federal Whiskey 1917 American Medicinal Spirit Company during Prohibition

  • Maybe, JW Dant 7Y Ky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1960's

I'll let you know, but it would be nice if we could just market it as NC Moonshine, NC Apple Brandy, Pre-Probibition Whiskey circa 1906, Probibition Era Whiskey circa 1917 to 1930's American Medicinal Spirits Company, and Post-Probibition Kentuckey Straight Bourbon Whiskey circa 1960's with Gary Crunkleton. Gary was the person that introduced and worked with the NC House of Representatives to create House Bill 909 (aka The Crunkleton Bill) in 2015. His bars in NC offer these spirits to guest in Chapel Hill and in Charlotte. Now, he is bringing some bottles up to Asheville to offers guests at Chow Chow the opportunity to see what these antique spirits are all about. Gary will talk about liquors historic role in NC starting with moonshine and apple brandy and then showing how the industry developed throughout the east.

Featured Participants


Gary Crunkleton

Barman, Crook’s Corner and The Crunkleton, Chapel Hill, NC and The Crunkleton in Charlotte, NC